Posted by: mcm180 | December 26, 2009

Avatar (My review, tumbled & transplanted)

What is Avatar???? It is amazetacular!. ..

No, but .. for real…  Avatar was so rich in depth & character complexity, filled w/ not-so-far-in-the-future environmental/moral issues, with human archetypal flaws, mixed w/ the ageless Trans-species tale of redemption & revolution; i had to coin a new term. Amazetacular! Not to mention, it was indiginospirtualistic beyond anything i’ve ever imagined.

The Omaticaya made me tingle; perhaps because it made me think of a super Hawaiian/Mayan/African monotheistic/ancestrally inclined combination race. I really dug the whole emotio-spiritual-neurologic connection with trees, animals, and even each other…

“I SEE YOU” … as they pressed their faces/foreheads together…BAM!!!  ALOHA….i learned it long ago ..(see below) The chanting, the language, and dress was very ChichenItza. The hairbraiding, clans, and warrior cries were very Zulu. Yayayayayaaa!!!!

Unlike the epically different outcome of my Mayan ancestors, the Na’vi do fight off the invaders, which leaves me wondering about the two sequels…perhaps there will be tribal strife, or InterSpecies/InterPlanetary Unions. Whatever happens, I want more; more of the Shaman mother-in-law, the brave blue babe alongside the adorable jarhead “jakeSulleee now a reborn Na’vi” (& of course in Digital 3D). I want more of the Extra-Pedal animals, more of the neurochemical-spiritual connection to the planet/nature and God, more of the blueskinned, BIO-USB having, tailed Na’vi. More so than I yearned for any other trilogy this decade… no offense to  Frodo and his rings, or Neo’s Intro/Evo/Revo-Lution of the Matrix…or even Anakin Skywalker’s dark dance with the Force or sexy Queen-turned-Senator, from Alaska .. I mean Naboo.


The sacred breath of life, the spirit of our ancestors”

The Hawaiian identity, our unique and precious way of life has been passed on from generation to generation through the ha of our kupuna.  The word “alo-ha” is a combination of two words: alo meaning ones’ front, face, or presence and ha – the sacred breath of life.  It was the custom of our kupuna to exchange ha by pressing noses together and exhale, thus exchanging each others’ ha upon greeting. (borrowed from


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