Posted by: mcm180 | May 17, 2010

I’m not as young as I used to be….?

Who came up with this catchy cliché? It silly, when you think about it; who, aside from Benjamin Buttons, does this NOT pertain to?

In any case, I met up with a “friend” from twitter, well he doesn’t live there, he lives in Lima, Peru. Sweet unadulterated soul, 26, and studying for the GMAT, like me, except he’s got a considerably more palpable level of enthusiasm and youthful naïvité.

I recognize it, because I used to embrace it too; about everything. I guess that is natural progression after adding a dose of reality … from naive to …almost jaded.. then swinging the pendulum back to hopeful.

My friend hooked up w/ awesome Colombian boy.. I saw the desire & intent in their interactions especially minuscule details. Like talking so closely so they can hear each other…faces touching. ..occasionally lips-to-cheek & subtle and pseudo ear nibble. I miss that.. and should try to be more open & receptive to said advances. I used to think that was just for young kids w/ raging hormones…and had dismissed it, stating “I’m not as young as I used to be” but that’s not the case. Being swept off your feet and someone giving you butterflies in your stomach can and should happen at any age.

With the infusion of love in the springtime/summertime air, and in the seasonal spirit of letting your guard down and having fun, I’m going to be more open and inviting; keeping ageless hope alive.


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