Posted by: mcm180 | June 25, 2010

Gay Pride?

The question mark in my title is indicative of my former reticence.  Not only was I was brought up in a very conservative Evangelical Christian family/denomination, but I was a super late bloomer too (not even coming out “to myself” until I was 21 or so). So you can understand my indoctrinated aversion to “PRIDE”. Let’s talk about pride for a minute…

Webster’s secondary definition of pride is “a reasonable or justifiable self-respect”!

This is the definition that I embrace! Up until a few years ago, there was always a little voice in the back of my “Latino”and “Christian” head whispering , “Being GAY??!! Is that something you should REALLY be proud of???” It wasn’t until I read Mel White’s book “Stranger at the Gate” and watched the movie “For The Bible Tells Me So” that I really internalized that I am  STILL wonderfully, skillfully, and purposefully made in the image of my Creator.  I’ve silenced any voices and doubts with my response: I’M NOT ASHAMED OF WHO I AM, AND I AM BLESSED & PROUD TO BE GAY! My sexuality is only one facet of my complex persona, and I refuse to be seen as “less than” because of it!

Gay Pride Weekend 2010 is upon the two of the most notably gay friendly cities of San Francisco and NEW YORK CITY…and sure there are lots of parties, gatherings, parades, what have you. But this weekend for me will be mostly about celebrating, enjoying, maximizing, and sharing in the JUSTIFIABLE SELF-RESPECT with other like minded people. (most likely of the good looking persuasion too, hahahahaha you know how we do!)

Happy Pride People! From Sea to Shining Sea!



  1. i’m proud of YOU for putting your thoughts out there, lindo! enjoy celebrating life this weekend! muah!

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