Posted by: mcm180 | September 10, 2010


I was juuuust about 2 get mad at my horoscope today : “Scorpio lately you’ve become obsessed w/ romance. There are other things that make life worthwhile”
my initial knee-jerk reaction was to object with everything in my soloplex (and thensome)  … Because it’s been so long since a boy made my heart skip a beat, since I get nervous when a particular “he enters the room”,  since I’ve smiled from the inside out.  I can’t fight this feeling ….    WHY shouldn’t I get caught up in the rapturous bliss of a budding new romance….  ????

BUT  then I receive a facebook message from a girl I spent a couple of semesters at Cornell w/ …thanking me :

“for being so supportive and caring even though we haven’t seen each other in YEARS! I am so very proud of you and am grateful to know you”

I had no choice but to SimmahDownNauw, … receive the message from the Universe… and give thanks for what has been, what is, and what…. (in due time) will be.

Now I get another FB message:
Hey Maynor! I came across your page cause we both commented on Becky’s status and I wanted to see what you were up to! 🙂 I have to say I loved reading your bio, and am so happy to see how good things are going for you!! Thanks for sharing all that on your profile, because I know that can be life changing for someone who reads it! :).”

Awwwwwww how heartwarming and literally moved me to tears.

Exhibit C, your honor

I just got a loving text out of the blue from a straight friend who’s never texted me b4 wishing me a happy Friday!  then he sent me a smiley face pic.




  1. The universe is constantly speaking to us but for those of us (you and I) who love to live intensely and immensely through every moment and every connection sometimes the noise we create diffuses, dilutes and even diverts the messages. So I will explain two perspectives here: a) it’s not telling you to NOT focus on romance, it is simply telling you there are other things that require your attention as well and b) “slow your roll” [I hate it myself when that message is delivered to me, especially when I find that I’m just getting into the groove of something!]. The hardest part is finding that middle ground, the right tension in our chords to produce those fine notes: not too tight, not too loose.

    By nature you are a people-builder, always fixing, always busy, always pleasing. Romance is a very consuming endeavor, it requires all of you: energy, heart and soul. It can lift you, and it can leave you depleted all in one breath. So, my dear Scorpio, the universe is simply saying: listen, if you don’t find something else to be grateful for, and focus on other things, you will focus all of you on this one thing and BURN IT, because that’s what we do: we create so much fire that we burn it.

    But in its infinite love for you it gave you those other messages as to say: I am asking you to refocus and rethink but I am not leaving you alone: here you go! You are loved! All that people-building, fixing and supporting, here you go, this is the acknowledgment you crave for as well – it can manifest in different forms.

    As you know, I translate every moment musically, and I give you this: take a moment to live, take a moment to cry, take a moment TO LOVE & DON’T ASK WHY!
    Armin Van Buuren ft. Winter Kills – Take A Moment:

    From me to you: my gratitude for your support and the lessons that life has brought to me through you is just as intense and immense as the fire we give! I love you very much. And trust me and the universe when I guarantee to you that the order for LOVE has been placed and it’s on its way! XOXO

    • simply beautiful. … Alas … above are the words to a song in my hear that I had forgotten .. and you, beloved, were chosen to sing back to me. LYL

      thank you, and as the blue Na’Vi people said while pressing foreheads together … on a soul level…. I SEE YOU.

      ” Oe-l nga-ti kame “

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