Posted by: mcm180 | October 14, 2010

onward and forward

scorpio: You are ready to try something different if you think it may bring you happiness today. You don’t want to sit by and wait for life to happen; instead use these days to push through your resistance to change. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t sure about your destination; for now, any forward movement is better than returning to the past. It’s not time to be overly cautious. Take a few deep breaths and then boldly follow your intuition.

I will do !!  with only a few hours of wakefulness .. I’ve already given two friends the same advice in different situations and scenarios  ..

“doesn’t matter [what position they want you for]  … you go in giving thanks for the one you want! The one you will ROCK&SOCK! give thanks in advance for what you will make of it.  it’s about you! you ask the universe to align to what you want.  BE the agent of change.. not the recipient being acted upon!”

and another one .. asking .. why do all the good things happen to you. … I tell her “What you think about and thank about, you bring about” it all starts with gratitude then add a lil faith, a pinch of envisioning, and some tidying/preparing the way to receive… recipe for success!

Obviously i use it for many different things…   I used it for Smurfette (my FJ  Cruiser) … for my promotions, … and now for my second chance at love

…. smiles and drifts/signs off.


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