Posted by: mcm180 | February 7, 2012

Resonating Upward Using Love and Laughter (6WordMemoirs)

So, this morning I got an email from with an interesting request; To summarize my life story with a 6 word Mini-Memoir!

I read a few sample entries, but didn’t want to taint my creative experience. After a little musing, I came up with “Resonating Upward using Love & Laughter.”

Resonating Upward
I’ve recently embraced the notion that our universe from basic nuclear levels to the most complex galactic processes operate using vibrations and undulations. When two things resonate, it’s because they’re on the same wavelength. I want to continually resonate on better, higher, richer wavelengths when it comes to thoughts, experiences, and people.

Using Love and Laughter
If you’ve ever been in my presence, I’m sure you’ve noticed I love to smile and laugh with gusto! Love and Laughter are the two responses I use to react to and come to terms with my world. It may not initially start off as love, but even when people or situations are hurtful, responding with Love elevates you to a higher plane. When you put out something so pure, so powerful, … transformation is bound to happen (internally and externally). Laughter has often been called medicine for the soul. When I respond with with laughter, I learn how to not sweat the small stuff, and more importantly to not take myself too seriously. It’s the one contagious thing, I don’t mind catching and spreading.

So there you have it; my 6-Word Mini-Memoir and the small novella attached, as an explanation. LOL.

What 6 words would you choose?



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